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Course #1: Shaping, Cleaning, and Obturation of Root Canal Systems

Endodontics Unsponsored: Hands-On CE in Vancouver

Course #1 Description: This 2-day course consists of a combination of lecture and laboratory work (about 50% lecture and 50% hands-on working with extracted teeth). Limited to 10 dentists. 16 hours of CE credit. The emphasis of the course is on shaping canals with rotary files. The course material is relevant to all dentists with an interest in endodontics and of all levels of experience. See Course Objectives below for more details. (The other 2-day course offered by Endodontics Unsponsored is titled Re-treatment and Other Complex Cases).

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Friday & Saturday, May 12-13, 2017 – FULL
  • Friday and Saturday, September 29-30, 2017 – FULL
  • Friday and Saturday, October 13-14, 2017 – FULL
  • Friday and Saturday, November 3-4, 2017 – FULL
  • Friday and Saturday, November 17-18, 2017 – FULL
  • Friday and Saturday, December 1-2, 2017 – FULL
  • Friday and Saturday, January 26-27, 2018 – SEATS AVAILABLE
  • Friday and Saturday, February 2-3, 2018 – SEATS AVAILABLE
  • Friday and Saturday, February 16-17, 2018 – SEATS AVAILABLE

Location:  At the office of North Shore Endodontics in North Vancouver

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Course Objectives:

                    1. To better understand why root canal treatment is not always successful.
                    2. To gain more knowledge and skills in order to increase success of root canal treatment.
                    3. To learn more about resolving difficult-to-anesthetize teeth.
                    4. To learn more about finding canals.
                    5. To learn more about how to negotiate to the terminus of the majority of ‘calcified’ canals.
                    6. To learn more about electronic apex locators.
                    7. To better understand the concepts of using rotary and reciprocating nickel titanium files to enlarge even the most severely curved canals.
                    8. To learn more about the various nickel titanium file systems presently available (rotary and reciprocating), the differences between them and their advantages and disadvantages.
                    9. If there is a file system that you are comfortable with, to learn how to make it more effective and reduce the risk of file separation.
                    10. To learn more about irrigants used to clean root canal systems and how to use them safely.
                    11. To learn more about obturation of root canal systems. Simplification of both vertical and lateral condensation techniques is covered.
                    12. To learn more about antibiotic and pain medications in endodontics.

* WARNING: This course will not try to sell you on a particular brand of file. It will also not tell you how easy endodontic treatment is and that all canals can be shaped well and safely with the same 1-3 files.

What will be supplied for each participant:

                    • Microscope (Global Surgical)
                    • High & slow speed handpieces and burs
                    • Electric handpiece for shaping with rotary and reciprocating files
                    • Ultrasonic unit (P5)
                    • Hand files
                    • Rotary and reciprocating files – we supply EdgeEndo, GT, Hyflex, K3, Profile, ProTaper, Sequence, TF, Typhoon, Vortex, Vortex Blue, V-Taper 2, WaveOne Gold files. Advantages and disadvantages of each system are discussed as well as hybrid techniques. When one understands the concepts of rotary shaping, it should be easy to switch between most brands of files. (We have TF Adaptive files but only one of their motors).
                    • Gutta percha for warm vertical and lateral obturation
                    • Digital radiography
                    • System B and Obtura
                    • Gloves and masks
                    • Lunch, drinks, and snacks

Course Fee & Registration: CAN$2300 (includes GST). Payable by cheque, VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Deposit of $1000 is required to register. The remaining $1300 will be processed 1 day prior to the course date. (At this time, for U.S. residents we will adjust the balance to reflect the exchange rate).

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made within 60 days prior to the course date: deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellations made within 61-90 days of the course date: refund in the form of credit towards a future course.

Cancellations made prior to 91 days of the course date: full refund of deposit.

Please e-mail CE@vancouverrootcanals.com if interested in attending or have any questions about the courses. You should get a reply within 2 business days.  A completed registration form is required to register. This form will be sent to you upon request.



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